South Oxnard - Centro Mujer

Centro M.U.J.E.R. Community Center was founded in 2006 by CAUSE.

Located in South Oxnard, Calif., Centro M.U.J.E.R Community Center provides resources, training, and meeting spaces, for parents, youth, and community groups.

The majority of people living in poverty in California, the U.S., and in the world are women and children. Centro M.U.J.E.R. Community Center is home to The CAUSE Women’s Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice Project.

Our Mission:

1. Raise awareness and education about the social, economic and environmental injustices confronting women & working people in the California Central Coast Region;

2. Develop and assists the leadership of women, men, and youth to organize their community for social, economic, and environmental justice;

3. Coordinate events, activities and community actions involving community leaders, volunteers, and local organizations.

4. Conduct policy and participatory action research related to women’s social, economic and environmental health status and S.E.E. (Social, Economic, & Environmental) Justice strategies.

Centro Mujer is located: 4225 Saviers Rd., Oxnard

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